“Since starting care in November ’04, I have been able to breath better. Also I use to suffer from severe bursitis in my hips and I haven’t experienced any pain in almost 3 months. I am a smoker as well and now I can’t even finish a cigarette because my body just doesn’t like it any more.”

Jessica Andrich Female 21

“Sleep much better. Less stress.”

Male 55

“Allergies have disappeared. I no longer take prescription allergy medication. Breath work and meditation seems to have an easier flow.”

S.S. Female 54

“Definite Improvement! In just one month of basic care, not only are symptoms disappearing, but overall health and well-being are improving.”

Bob Revay Male 66

“Since coming in Dec. 2004, I feel much less back pain and sleep better. Having been diagnosed with Lupus in July 2003, my body has a lot of pain. However, Dr. Kaminski’s adjustments have helped eliminate a significant amount of pain. My quality of life and activities have increased tremendously.

D.B. Female 39

“Network Spinal Analysis helped to alleviate my lower back pain and neck pain. I almost always had lower back pain after any heavy lifting or work, with N.S.A. I didn’t get the pain as often or if I did get it- it went away within a few hours.”

S.D.W. Female 41

“Since receiving care, my back has felt less stiff and more loose and comfortable. I am sitting up straight and I now realize how to help my back feel better.”

Male 14

“Since coming to Dr. Kaminski I have been able to play golf without problems with my back. Before, I was unable to play two days a week. Now I can play five days a week with no pain.”

Male 78

“I have been receiving NSA for one and a half years. I feel that I am more flexible now. I feel the benefits mostly in my back and neck.”

Gerri W. Female 44

“ I hardly ever get a cold! I have never been as healthy! I have a herniated disc in my lower back and no longer need to limit my activities.”

RJT Female 43

“ My mind and body are more in tune. I don’t have the severe stress & physical problems I once had.”

M.E. Dixon Male 65

“It didn’t take me long to realize just how much pain I had been living with and didn’t even know it!”

NCG Male 49

“My migraines have been eliminated with treatment by Dr. Kaminski.”

NH Female 46

“Chiropractic has brought my sensitive nerve endings back to normal and I don’t have to live with it anymore.”

SSG Female 51

“ My daughter had severe acid reflux and had difficulty even holding down breast milk. She has been receiving Network Spinal Analysis care since she was born. It has made a difference in her life. She hardly ever has symptoms. Being under care has helped her hips and gross motor control also. It also helps calm her. It is wonderful for babies.”

Female 10 months

“I was 25 and I had extreme pain and fatigue from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After receiving Network Spinal Analysis care, I have most of the pain under control. I also rarely feel fatigued. I have been under care for 3 years. I felt the result within a few months. It has made a huge difference in my life!

Female 29

"Regular adjustments keep my spine and body aligned and much more comfortable. It helps a great deal with easing stress. I am able to relax and sleep better."

Female 67

"I had severe arthritis in my right knee. After treatments with Dr, Kaminski, my mobility greatly improved. I've had chiropractic care for years, and I've never felt as good as I do this past year of NSA care."

Female 38

"She's great!"

Female 75

"Ever since I started coming here, which was two years ago, I have been doing better in sports. The chiropractor has helped me make the traveling baseball team for two years."

P.G. Male 10

"My health improvements have been significant...Reduced headaches, greatly reduced neck and upper back pain, better posture and increased body/posture awareness, fewer colds and illness." I'm so fortunate to get physical relief and great care here. I feel the benefits are tremendous."

Female 42

"I used to go to a 'bone crunching' chiropractor for 10 years, but for the last 3 years have been under Dr. Kaminski's care with NSA. My body feels better, my mind feels clearer, I rarely have headaches, or sinus problems. I breathe better, move better, and feel my spine and body are in total alignment. I am grateful I was recommended to Dr. Kaminski."

Female 59