Nutrition and Biochemical/Chemical Stresses on the Body

Our office understands the importance of whole body care. Biochemical toxins, mineral/vitamin deficiencies and poor eating habits cause disturbance to the brain and nervous system (spinal cord tension & subluxations) that will affect the healing process. As your mind- body re-organizes under NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) Care, you will start to innately make healthier choices. While advancing through the process, we will support your biochemical needs through education and, if required, supplements.

Dr. Kaminski offers, in addition Wellenss Chiropractic Care, nutritional support and specific protocol for those experiencing Cancer and Lyme Disease.

Dr. Kaminski is available for Nutritional Education and Wellness sessions. Please contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment.

To order PURE ENCAPSULATIONS supplements, please contact the office or order in person.